Lexie Beth in: Lexie Beth

TSGirls: Lexie Beth

Welcome back folks! Today we bring you another episode of our main sausage man Super Ramon! You know our boy is always on the hunt for some shemale in distress so he can make his moves and lay the pipe down.We catch a lovely beautiful Lexie Beth hanging around trying to make some cash. Wait a sec, "Who is Lexie Beth?" you ask. This sexy and simply stunning transsexual is one you will soon not forget. That face! That ass! Those tits! This woman is just PERFECTION! She has been on the hustle all day and can't seem to catch a break. Super Ramon will fix that no problem. He comes to the rescue the only way he knows how. With a huge Super weapon between his legs that has the power to fix any transsexual woman's problems. Our sexy Lexie Beth gets that sweet bubble ass fucked and banged in such a way that she begs for more of that magic stick. Lexie Beth will definately leave you wanting more. Don't worry folks this won't be the last time you will see her. Let's give our sexy lady Lexie Beth a heartwarming welcome Trans500 style!

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